Pushkara Odia Movie Review 2023 : Showtimes, Cast & Crew, Budget and Collection

In the vibrant world of cinema, the Odia film industry has always managed to carve its unique story. Among the latest gems to grace the silver screen is Pushkara an adaptation of the novel “Nadabindu.” This movie is not just a cinematic experience; it’s a traditional post-death ritual legacy intertwined with an uncommon love story. In this article, we will take you into the details of “Pushkara” – from its cast and crew to its budget and collection.

Pushkara Odia Movie Review 2023

Pushkara Odia Movie Review : Showtimes, Cast & Crew, Budget and Collection

A Unique Blend of Tradition and Love

A Unique Blend of Tradition and Love

Pushkara boasts a cast that brings life to this enchanting story. Sabyasachi Mishra takes the lead role, supported by Supriya Nayika, Ch Bikas Das, Ashrumochan Mohanty, Alaka Satapathy, Pintu Nanda, and Tribhubana Panda. This ensemble of talented actors forms the heart and soul of the movie.

The Visionaries Behind the Screen

Behind the camera lens, we find Director Shubhransu Das, the creative force responsible for translating the novel’s essence onto the big screen. The Story and dialogues are crafted by Sankar Tripathi, while Debidutta Mohanty’s lyrical prowess adds depth to the storytelling. The screenplay for the film was crafted by Debidutta Mohanty, Chitra Patnaik, and Janmejay Singh. Together, they have created a cinematic masterpiece that’s a testament to Odia culture.

A Cinematic Triumph

This movie has earned its place as the best offering from the Ollywood Industry to date. The movie delves deep into the rich tapestry of Odia culture, a facet rarely explored on the big screen. What sets this film apart is not just its cultural significance but also the exceptional performances of the cast.

Sabyasachi Mishra, in particular, delivers a performance that can only be described as giving his “200%.” Supriya Nayika, in the role of a widow, adds depth and emotion to the narrative. The love story unfolds in a slow and silent manner, captivating the audience in its simplicity. To put it simply, “Pushkara” is nothing short of awesome.

An Ode to Odia Culture

Pushkara Odia Movie Review 2023

The essence of “Pushkara” lies in its deep connection to Odia culture, particularly in Puri District. This movie paints a poignant picture of an emotional love story that touches the heart of everyone who watches it. It’s a heartwarming comeback for Sabyasachi after the tumultuous times of COVID-19.

The Musical Score

No cinematic experience is complete without music, and this movie doesn’t disappoint. The movie features two soul-stirring songs that add to its charm and emotional depth.

Budget and Collection

While we’d love to share the exact budget and collection figures, the production house has been rather tight-lipped about these details. As of now, we estimate the budget to be around 1.5 crore, but please note that this is not official information from the team. Rest assured, we’ll keep you updated on these aspects in future posts.

In Conclusion

Pushkara” is more than just a movie; it’s a celebration of Odia culture and a testament to the resilience of the human spirit. With its stellar cast, emotional storyline, and soul-stirring music, it’s a must-watch for all cinema enthusiasts. Don’t miss the chance to be part of this extraordinary journey.

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Is “Pushkara” based on a true story?

No, “Pushkara” is a work of fiction adapted from the novel “Nadabindu.”

What is the significance of the movie’s title, “Pushkara”?

“Pushkara” is a reference to a traditional post-death ritual in Odia culture, which plays a central role in the movie.

Where can I watch “Pushkara” online?

As of now, “Pushkara” not yet came to online, you need to go your nearest theatre in Odisha.

Are English subtitles available for the movie “Pushkara” ?

Yes, English subtitles are available for a wider audience to enjoy the film.

Is there a sequel planned for “Pushkara”?

There has been no official announcement regarding a sequel at this time from the Team.

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