Malyagiri 2023 : Unveils Its Power-packed Cast & Crew: A Closer Look at the Superstars and Suspense Behind the Thrilling Action | Trailer, Review, Release Date, Story

In the realm of cinematic experiences, regional films have consistently stood out, offering a unique blend of culture, storytelling, and entertainment. One such exciting addition to the world of Odia cinema is the upcoming movie “Malyagiri” This action-packed thriller is creating quite a buzz with its impressive cast, intriguing storyline, and picturesque setting. In this article, we delve into the details of “Malyagiri,” from its cast and crew to the captivating plot that promises to keep the audience at the edge of their seats.

Malyagiri Movie 2023

Malyagiri : Unveiling the Cast and Crew

Malyagiri Movie 2023 : Unveiling the Cast and Crew

A Stellar Cast

“Malyagiri” boasts a remarkable ensemble cast that is sure to captivate the audience with their performances. The lead roles are portrayed by acclaimed actors:

  • Babushan Mohanty: Babushan, previously celebrated for his role in the superhit blockbuster “DAMAN,” takes on the role of the hero. His acting prowess and charismatic presence on screen make him a perfect fit for the character.
  • Amlan Das: Known for his intense and dangerous looks, Amlan Das brings a unique dimension to the film as the negative character. His portrayal is anticipated to leave a lasting impression on the audience.
  • Sivani and Suryamayee: The leading Actress of “Malyagiri,” Sivani and Suryamayee, contribute elegance and depth to the story. Their chemistry with the male leads is expected to add layers of emotion to the narrative.

Behind the Scenes

The visionary behind “Malyagiri” is Director Prithiviraj Patnaik. With a knack for crafting engaging narratives and a keen eye for detail, Patnaik’s directorial skills are set to bring the movie’s storyline to life. His previous work has shown his ability to balance action with storytelling, making him an apt choice for this action thriller.

Unraveling the Plot

A Glimpse into the Story

Malyagiri” unfolds against the backdrop of the enchanting hill station of Odisha, also known as Malyagiri. The film immerses viewers in a world of mystery, suspense, and adrenaline-pumping action. The plot revolves around unexpected twists and turns that will keep the audience guessing.

The Teaser

Two glimpses of “Malyagiri” has recently been released, now on 6th September 2023 Teaser has been released. sparking excitement and anticipation among fans. This teaser provides a sneak peek into the visually stunning world created by the filmmakers. Trailer date eagerly awaited, promising to offer more insight into the movie’s narrative and tone.


The Musical Essence

An often underestimated but crucial aspect of any film is its music. “Malyagiri” doesn’t disappoint in this regard either. Both glims have received praise for their background music, which not only complements the story but also enhances the overall cinematic experience. The synergy between visuals and music is set to elevate the audience’s engagement to new heights.


In a world where cinematic experiences are cherished, “Malyagiri” emerges as a promising addition to the realm of Odia cinema. With a cast that brings their characters to life, a director known for his storytelling finesse, and a plot that promises suspense and thrill, the movie is poised to captivate audiences. As we await the release with bated breath, “Malyagiri” is undoubtedly a cinematic journey worth embarking upon.

First Glimpse : Malyagiri

Second Glimpse : Malyagiri

Malyagiri Songs :


1. When is the movie “Malyagiri” set to be released?

The exact release date of “Malyagiri” is yet to be announced. Keep an eye out for updates from the filmmakers.

2. What genre does “Malyagiri” fall into?

Malyagiri is an action thriller that promises a blend of suspense, mystery, and intense action sequences.

3. Who are the lead actors of the film?

The lead roles are played by Babushan Mohanty, Amlan Das, Sivani, and Suryamayee.

4. What can viewers expect from the teaser and trailer of the movie?

The teasers and trailers of “Malyagiri” will provide a glimpse into the film’s storyline, characters, and overall tone.

5. Is this Director Prithiviraj Patnaik’s first film?

No, Director Prithiviraj Patnaik has previously worked on other projects and is known for his directorial skills in the industry. You can know more details about movie Malyagiri from his Insta profile.

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