Katak – Sesha Ru Arambha Odia Movie Review 2023 : Showtimes, Cast & Crew, Budget and Collection

In the heart of Odisha, where the stories of its people resonate through the ages, a cinematic masterpiece was born in the form of “Katak – Sesha Ru Arambha.” This action drama movie, set in the city of Katak, delves into the gripping narrative of a gang war that will leave you at the edge of your seat. Join us as we explore the world of this extraordinary Odia film, from its realistic portrayal to its fantastic cast and unforgettable music.


1. A Realistic Cinematic Odyssey

Katak - Sesha Ru Arambha Odia Movie Review 2023

“Katak – Sesha Ru Arambha” is not just a movie; it’s an experience. The film’s screenplay and presentation are so grounded in reality that you’ll feel like you’re right there in the midst of the action. For the people of Katak, this movie is an ode to the authenticity of their city. The action sequences are not just action; they’re a portrayal of real-life intensity.

2. A Tale Untold

What makes this movie even more special is that it’s not a copy or a dub from any other film. It’s an original story, and we owe a big thanks to the entire movie team for giving us this fantastic masterpiece.

3. The Stellar Performances

In “Katak – Sesha Ru Arambha,” Siddhant Mohanty takes on the role of Guru Bhai, and he does it with finesse. Devasis also delivers an admirable performance, but some might argue there’s a slight lack of romantic songs featuring him. On the other hand, the romantic chemistry between Guru Bhai and Anu Choudhry is nothing short of awesome. And let’s not forget the scintillating item song “Rangalata,” which was brought to life by the talented Riya.

Prsanjeet Mohapatra did a great job as Chhotu in the movie, and you’ll surely enjoy his performance. Choudhry Bikas Das is already a top-level actor, and there’s no need for any explanation about his Acting.

4. Never a Dull Moment

This movie is anything but boring. As the Dussehra season approaches, “Katak – Sesha Ru Arambha” promises to provide you with non-stop entertainment. This is just the beginning; it’s the first part of what seems like an exciting cinematic journey. The movie’s name itself hints at the possibility of a sequel.

5. The Battle for Katak

The storyline revolves around the battle for control over Katak, a city where Tiger Bagderia reigns supreme. Tiger’s ambition is to see his sons, Raja and Heera, take over. But Guru Bhai has the unwavering support of the locals. The question that lingers throughout the film is: Who will emerge as the ruler of Katak?

6. A Must-Watch Odia Film

With a runtime of two and a half hours, “Katak – Sesha Ru Arambha” stands out as a remarkable addition to the genre of gangwar-related Odia movies. The performances by the entire cast are top-notch, making this a must-watch for all cinephiles. The Odia film industry is undoubtedly on the rise, and this movie is a testament to that growth.

Cast & Crew

Katak - Sesha Ru Arambha Odia Movie Review 2023

  • Cast: Siddhant Mohapatra, Anu Choudhry, Poonam Mishra, Devasis Patra, Prsanjeet Mohapatra, Choudhry Bikas Das
  • Crew: Sudhansu Mohan Sahu, Pritam Sahu, Asad Nizam, Puspak Parida, Bharatdwaj Panda, Deepak Kumar Gharai, Rajesh Das

Get ready to be captivated by “Katak – Sesha Ru Arambha,” a film that takes you on a thrilling journey through the heart of Katak, and join the cinematic revolution that’s sweeping through the Odia film industry.


“Katak – Sesha Ru Arambha” is a cinematic gem that captivates with its realism and stellar performances. It’s a must-watch for all, and as Dussehra approaches, it promises to be a source of boundless entertainment.

Rangalata Song


1. Is “Katak – Sesha Ru Arambha” a sequel to any other movie?

  • While it hints at the possibility of a sequel, the film is an original story and not a continuation of any other movie.

2. How long is the movie “Katak – Sesha Ru Arambha”?

  • The movie has a runtime of two and a half hours.

3. What makes the action sequences in the film stand out?

  • The action sequences are lauded for their realistic portrayal, making the viewer feel like they are part of the action.

4. Who are the key actors in the movie, and how are their performances?

  • The movie features Siddhant Mohapatra and Anu Choudhry in pivotal roles, and their performances are outstanding.

5. Is “Katak – Sesha Ru Arambha” dubbed from another language, or is it an original Odia movie?

  • The film is entirely original and not dubbed from any other language or copied from another movie.

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